30 November 2009

Microsoft Geeks On How To Code...

This is a very interesting article on the views of some of Microsoft's top developers on coding and the tools they use.

For me it has come at an interesting time as only last week my CTO was arguing the use of SQL diagrams over SQL code to get SQL Server development work done quicker. Most of us here prefer to hand code SQL as we're developers whereas he is more of a mathematical/logic type of user and prefers to see the code in diagrams.

Personally I am a keyboard and Editor type of developer. I need Vim and ViEmu for Visual Studio/SQL server and I am happy on Windows and on Linux I tend to use Konsole/Vim/GDB and now more and more Qt Creator. I prefer not to use graphical tools for anything over than UI design.

I'd be interested to find out what other people use and why?

17 November 2009

KDE 4.4 Interview

This is a great interview detailing whats coming up in KDE 4.4 which comes out in January.

Here are some nice shinny pictures.

4 November 2009

Chromium Browser on Arch

So new series of Spooks tonight (excellent viewing) and as I was just catching up on my feeds I noticed a thread on Google Chromium on Linux and it's speed.

Being a bit of a browser junkie I thought "I have never run it on Linux, why? It's my default windows browser". So a quick...

AurGet chromium-browser-bin

(AurGet being an excellent AUR grabbing script which I think I found on Arch Wiki)

... And I was watching a really smart installer whizzing along.

Five minutes later and I was sitting playing with Chromium. This is the open source version that Google released based on the initial Chrome browser.

My god it is fast!! As usual I set it up with and it flies. It is so fast I keep retrying things because I can't believe what I am seeing. The two things which I find I don't like is the GTK++ toolkit. I know, I know..... there is nothing wrong with it, it is just personal taste (and being a KDE only kinda guy!). The second is that I am at present unable to disable path searching. Whenever I type an address it wants to use the default search engine. I have only been playing for a 30 mins or so.

KDE 4.3.3 Is Out!

The latest version of KDE (version 4.3.3) is out.

This is the third monthly release in the 4.3 series and is a bug fix and translation release.

Code named "Clockwork" the release announcement can be found here and the changelog can be found here.