19 February 2013

Installing Visual Studio 2012 Update 1. Failures & a possible solution.

Having installed Visual Studio 2012 about a month ago, I finally got around to wanting to do some serious coding with it. Attempting to run my test's I found a message in the Output window that reported an exception had been thrown and that test discovery mechanism had failed. Having a quick Google about I found a lot of people reporting the issue with Visual Studio 2012 Professional if Update 1 was not installed.

So I headed into Visual Studio 2012 and downloaded the Update and fired it off expecting it to be a 10 minute install with no issues.

The first install attempt failed. It didn't give me much to go on except the install log and a link to some Microsoft Tips and Solutions page (which no longer appears to exist). So I tried to repair it. That also failed!

So I removed the update and rebooted and downloaded another copy direct from Microsoft in case there were any issues with the first .exe. I installed again, it failed again. So this time I tried to repair the Update (from the Updates own installer). It failed.

Although it failed, this time I go more information, it had failed when it got to the Visual Studio JavaScript Extensions for Windows Library. After some more serious Googling about I found a post that, on a related subject, suggested downloading the library direct from Microsoft. This I did and I run the Updates Repair option again.

It failed again! There was a serious patten forming here however, this time it complained about Web Deploy 3 already being installed. So I removed Web Deploy 3 and ran the Repair option again and it worked!

So far my overall experience of Visual Studio 2012 is not that great. I had issues installing Visual Studio 2012 in the first place (on Windows 7) and now I have wasted a couple of hours trying to install Update 1.