27 April 2010

KDE Articles.

Found a couple of nice little KDE related articles covering 2 little mentioned parts of the SC.

How to Use KDE’s Clipboard and Klipper App
covers Kipper the advanced system clipboard.

3 KDE Add-ons Worth Trying
covers some little known KDE add ons.

23 April 2010

Qt Creator Colour Scheme

I am now using this colour scheme.

If I could be bothered I would sit and set up GVim's desert but I never seem to find time.

Arch Junior Developers

Just saw this over on the Arch site. The Arch development team are looking for interested people to perhaps join the team as a junior developer.

If you've been using Arch for a while and are looking to give something back it sounds like a great opportunity.

21 April 2010

KDE 4 Games Overview.

This is a nice little overview of the games that can be found within KDE 4.

jQuery Event Handling - Mixing Inline Events With jQuery events

I have been working with jQuery for the last couple of days attempting to get some dialog closing messages working within our application. One of the dialogs I was trying to work with had an embedded iframe which was loaded from an ASP.Net menu control. The menu control items fired an onclick event to load the iframe.

I created an event handler to attach to the menu items so that when clicked it checked for unsaved changes. If there where changes then display a confirm message box about leaving the page. It worked to a degree but the iframe was still loaded even if the bound jQuery event returned false.

I found the issue to be that mixing inline onclick events and jQuery events is not possible (or recommended), especially if one or more events can be cancelled.

So the solution was simple. I removed the inline onclick event and bound it with jQuery. As the url the iframe needed to load was dynamically created server side I even managed to get a HTML 5 new feature, custom non-visible data, in as well

19 April 2010

KDE 4.4 Theme For Google

Just came across a link to a couple of scripts which can be used to theme the standard Google search page inline with the latest KDE 4.4 SC theme.

KDE Themem

You need to run the following two scripts and might need to add a Firefox extension (I tried it in Chrome and it looked great) :

Part 1
Part 2

I should mention that it only really works for standard Google search pages. If you use the iGoogle setup the styling goes a bit "wrong".


18 April 2010

Xp Users With No Sound

At Christmas just gone I had to rebuild Kermit (my work laptop) as I succumb to my first ever virus. So after the usual cycle of trying to remove it and finding that it was still there, I finally formatted the drive and reinstalled XP (yes, we are still an XP based outfit). It should be noted that I got my first ever virus after being made to use Symentec instead of AVG which I have used on my windows based machines forever (apparently quite successfully).

In the hast of having to rebuild the laptop back to working order ASAP (and we are talking XP, Sp's, Visual Studio and SQL Server plus all of the odds and sods you have installed to do your job) I installed SP3 for XP without installing SP1 or 2 first.

Later on it dawned on me that I had not installed the sound driver. At this point I didn't think I would have any issue, I attempted to install the driver and after the first few failed attempts I started Googling like mad.

Having not really had the time to fix the issue I finally decided to crack it today. Long story short ... I ended up having to uninstall SP3 and then install SP1 and SP2 and finally SP3 for XP. Once I had uninstalled SP3 I installed the sound drivers and everything finally worked. A day of uninstalling and re-installing SPs is a little painful but at least I now have sound.

8 April 2010

KDE 4.4 Positive Spin

This is a nice, short, article on the Linux Journal website about the latest KDE SC release.

It's interesting to see that even now, 2 years down the line people are still bringing up the KDE 4.0 release. Perhaps it's me but I don't (either as a user or developer) feel that KDE 4.0 was labelled a "Complete" or "User ready" release. I feel that distros where far to quick to package it all up and release it to the users. Kubuntu took what I consider to be the correct path by offering both KDE 3.5 and 4.0 in their next available release. I have been reading some articles recently stating that they may do the same with GNOME 3.0. The approach they took allowed those users who wanted to try the new desktop to do so while vanilla users could carry on with 3.5 until they opted to upgrade.

I do agree that with the author in the article above that we really need to push the message to users that may have left KDE since the 4.0 release. KDE 4.4 is a GREAT release which many 3.5 users, I think, will find not only usable but a great step forward.

7 April 2010

Visual Studio Fun & Games

Further to my previous post I have found the following issues.

  • Settings - Once you have got your Visual Studio instal back to how you want it with SP1 you will have lost all of your settings. I recommend you Export them prior to altering your install

  • Add-ins - You will probably find most of your add-ins do not work as expected. I found it easiest to uninstall all of them and re-install them.

So much pain for something so simple.

Updating An Existing Visual Studio Installation.

When I installed my current install of Visual Studio 2008 I only installed C# and VC++ as I never have a need for VB.Net and we (as in the company never use it).

That is until one of our developer's created a new tool which had a reliance on it. No problem... in goes the Visual Studio 2008 disk and we'll add it. Only it isn't that simple. Although Visual Studio run itself in to maintenance mode it would not allow VB.Net to install. It came up with the following error :

A selected drive is no longer valid. Please review your installation path settings before continuing with setup.

After a little googling I found that you need to install Visual Studio SP1 before amending your installation. So you need to uninstal SP 1, add or remove the required components and then reinstall SP 1.

Seems a little like too much hard work for a software amendment to me.

1 April 2010

Visual Studio 2008 Free Spell Checker

Ever since I have moved into developing web applications I have always tried to have a spell checker installed to check page text and comments/strings etc.

ComponentOne used to provide a nice free version which did the trick but since I had to rebuild kermit (my main work laptop) I found that they have started charging for it. So I started to have a quick look for a good free spell checker and I have settled on
ASP.NET/HTML Spell Checker for VS 2008.

It works based on Word dictionary integration and allows for custom words and exceptions and so does everything I need. Further details on where to grab it and how it works can be found here.

KDE Approach Kim Kardashian To Promote The Next SC

Kim Kardashian has been approached to help market the next release of the KDE SC. This is great news and just what the project needs to lift it's profile.