21 January 2010

Linux Kernel - Who Is Developing The Kernel

Interesting little article here summarising another story about the breakdown in % of who develops the Linux Kernel:
  • 18% code contributed by volunteers with no corporate affiliation
  • 7% unclassified contributors (I’m not sure who this would be?)
  • 75% from paid developers
  • Red Hat with 12%,
  • Intel with 8%
  • IBM and Novell with 6% each
  • Oracle 3%
I read the figures that large serious development house's want Linux to succeed in all areas of IT and that they are willing to put in serious effort to develop it.

20 January 2010

New Blackberry (And Ms Stobs Rated Software!)

Life has been mad since the beginning of December. The end of the year is always busy at work as 3 high profile clients all undertake major work.

I have finally brought a new bike, a Suzuki Marauder no less, and now have had to buy a new phone. Being tight and being that it was on offer I brought a Blackberry Pearl 8120. Apart from the camera it is by far the best phone I have owned for a while. I will post more about it when I get time.

However, I did notice the latest brilliant post by Verity Stobs on rated software for your smart phone!