31 March 2010

Oh Look ... SCO Where Wrong ... Now There Is A Surprise!

This is a link to the news that Novell have, once again, been confirmed as owners of the Unix copyrights. Therefore, the cheap and plain wrong accusations made by SCO regarding Linux and code contained within the kernel have been proved to be as valid as a glass hammer.

So anyone want to buy SCO for $1??

30 March 2010

KDE SC 4.4.2, "Colibri", Released.

Today the KDE community released the second maintenance release of the 4.4 series.


The full release note can be read here and the change log can be read here.

10 March 2010


This is a link to a project that has been looking at designing a better IDE. The video is well worth a look.

Almost makes me want to work in Java!

3 March 2010

KDE 4.4.1 Released

Doesn't time fly when your having fun ...

The KDE project has now released the first in the monthly updates to the 4.4 release.


Codenamed "Clara", the 4.4.1 release notes can be found here.

pacman -Syu to happiness.