18 September 2008

Dropbox On KDE

So Dropbox has finally gone live.

For those who have not used it yet Dropbox provides a web based service that allows seamless syncing between two pc's. Not only that but it provides a mechanism for hosting your photos and providing links that can be shared with those you want to share with. There is a great screen cast for more detailed info on their site.

The great thing is that not only is it (very) fast but there are clients available on Windows, Mac and as of the 6th of this month a beta Linux client.

The not so good news is that it's a GNOME based Linux client. The even worse news is that it's a Nautilus based client.

So, the first question is has anyone got the Linux daemon running on it's own. The second question is has anyone got it working with Konqueror or Dolphin and the last question is if not anyone fancy helping me write a KDE based Dropbox client??

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