27 July 2009

Arora Browser

Spent the weekend catching up on lots of reading that been hanging around (newfeeds etc) and was reading some of the Trolls blogs when I read of Arora.

Arora is a new web browser based on WebKit and Qt. The original was apparently written as a demo for the Qt 4.4 release but has sine been forked by it's creator (Benjamin C Meyer) and hosted on Google Code.

Now I have only been using it for a couple of days but it's speed has impressed me as much as Chrome has on Windows. To be honest had Google opted for a better UI (or a themable UI) I would dump FireFox and use Chrome the whole time but it's UI is a mess and I _am_ bothered about such things ;)

Other things that impressed me where the fact that Flash just worked, iPlayer just worked and the fact that it already has a decent set of options (very simular to FireFox).

Arora certainly seems a worthwhile project and one that is worth keeping an eye on.

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