10 February 2010

Arch Upgrade To KDE SC 4.4

So the hero's over at the Arch website had already flagged the fact that the upgrade to KDE SC 4.4 was not going to be a simple pacman -Syu. In fact I found I had to jump through a couple more hopes than those listed in their post (above) and so thought I would share how I got to -Syu to KDE SC 4.4.

The following commands should be run as root (or sudo if you have it installed):

$ pacman -Sy --asdeps qt
$ pacman -Su
$ pacman -Sy kdepim-runtime
$ pacman -Sy kdepimlibs
$ pacman -Syu

That got my upgrade underway. Hopefully this might help others. If you are still stuck let me know the errors you are experiencing and I will try and provide some help.

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