18 April 2010

Xp Users With No Sound

At Christmas just gone I had to rebuild Kermit (my work laptop) as I succumb to my first ever virus. So after the usual cycle of trying to remove it and finding that it was still there, I finally formatted the drive and reinstalled XP (yes, we are still an XP based outfit). It should be noted that I got my first ever virus after being made to use Symentec instead of AVG which I have used on my windows based machines forever (apparently quite successfully).

In the hast of having to rebuild the laptop back to working order ASAP (and we are talking XP, Sp's, Visual Studio and SQL Server plus all of the odds and sods you have installed to do your job) I installed SP3 for XP without installing SP1 or 2 first.

Later on it dawned on me that I had not installed the sound driver. At this point I didn't think I would have any issue, I attempted to install the driver and after the first few failed attempts I started Googling like mad.

Having not really had the time to fix the issue I finally decided to crack it today. Long story short ... I ended up having to uninstall SP3 and then install SP1 and SP2 and finally SP3 for XP. Once I had uninstalled SP3 I installed the sound drivers and everything finally worked. A day of uninstalling and re-installing SPs is a little painful but at least I now have sound.

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