5 June 2011

Install Dropbox in KDE

I set up a new Linux distro today and the first thing I like to do is install Dropbox.

As a KDE user this is slightly more involved than for those that like to play with Garden Ornaments!

I did post previously a simple guide that showed how to do this but the article has gone! So below is how I set up Dropbox.

First download the Dropbox package. The following two links (32 and 64 bit) should point to the latest builds :

Save the file somewhere in your /home directory and the use an extraction tool to extract the contents into your /home/USERNAME directory. (This should be your /home directory as in /home/andy). This will create a folder called .dropbox-dist (note the . character, this is a hidden folder).

Go to the KDE System Settings application and navigate to the "Startup and Shutdown" node and then the "Autostart" node. Click Add Script and use the file dialog to select the dropboxd file within the .dropbox-dist folder (and yes that is the dropboxd and not dropbox, this is a daemon that will be started on each logon).

Once the dropboxd file name is selected click OK. That is the daemon set up and ready to use.

Now to save logging out and back in again, open your file manager and navigate to the /.dropbox-dist/ directory (once again you will have to enable viewing hidden files and directories to see it), and double click the dropboxd file. This will start the daemon running and will display the Dropbox setup wizard. Within the wizard you can choose to create a new account or connect to your existing account.

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