4 October 2011

Arch Linux - LibreOffice Displaying Non English

When LibreOffice was first released I instantly installed it (via pacman) on Arch Linux. Having read lots about the grand work the project was doing to finally bring the project upto date since forking Open Office I was interested to see what they had achieved. I was quite impressed.

I don't do a lot of document based work on my Arch laptop (and there have been a number of updates since I last used it) but I went to type up a letter for the wife tonight and fired up LibreOffice and found the UI was rendering in what appeared to be Russian (which I do not read or write).

After a bit of digging about it appeared I made a fatal error in installing the libreoffice-uk language pack. Turns out that is the Ukrainian language pack ... oops!

It turns out that I am not alone in making this assumption and if you happen to hit this issue and you actually need English and not Ukrainian then install the libreoffice-en-GB language pack and all will be well (and readable) again.


stemartin_co_uk said...

Done exactly the same thing installed the one ending in UK thinking it was united kingdom, and your post helped me fix it thanks.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. Installed libre-office on fresh arch install... for some reason it gave me a Belgian language pack and I was able to fix it with you post!