1 October 2008

GIMP 2.6 Is Out.

The GIMP, one of the great Open Source applications, has released version 2.6 today.

You can download it here and read the release notes here.

For a history of the GIMP (which is quite long) see here.

This version has numerous small fix's and changes but also brings in some quite big changes as well such as the early integration of the GEGL library.

The great thing about GIMP is the fact you can give it to a windows user and prove that OSS can be solid, fully functional and dependable. Since I started at Konetic the whole development team have adopted it to do all of our image work. Why?? Well I was able to sell it on the "oh no I don't use photoshop as I prefer the GIMP. Yes it is free!" angle. This usually hooks people. "Oh it's free well I'm sure it can't handle layers or mask's", "erm yes it can", "oh really??". I had that very conversation with a colleague just last week who has been using Corel draw for 10 years. He is now porting his work to Gimp.

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