30 October 2008

Kubuntu 8.10 Is Out


The latest incarnation of Kubuntu is now out and if you are really lucky you might find a mirror you can download it from. Or for those that want to do an upgrade of an existing system you should hit Alt-F2 and type ...

kdesudo "adept_manager --dist-upgrade"

This should open up Adept which should offer you an upgrade button.

Kubuntu has now switched to KDE 4. After playing with the previous release on Kermit my work laptop for some time I'll be interested in seeing what the new version is like. I have been meaning to blog about Debian Lenny which I have installed on my own Thinkpad which is brilliant. Kubuntu 8.04 had some silly little bugs which although not major really annoyed me. Things like Alt-F1 not working.

Anyway lets install and play.

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