22 May 2009

Project Forking & MySql

This is an interesting article looking at the currently state of MySql since the take over by Oracle. It would seem a number of leading developers have now left (some even before Oracle arrived). There appear to be a number forks appearing and one of the original developers has now created the Open Database Alliance which aims to be a central hub for MySql and all derivatives including development, training and support.

This seems to be another example of how some open source projects go once they leave the control of the projects founder(s) or when a project gets to the size where many opinions are conflicting. As the above article mentions, glibc is currently suffering what appears to be a similar revolt as gcc suffered a number of years ago. People seem to be having "issues" with the glibc maintainer and some have gone so far as to file a bug against the maintainer. This, I don't think, is really the way to go and gives people ammo in the "OSS developers are rude, ignorant and unapproachable" argument which I find is, usually, the complete opposite of what I experience.

Whatever the outcome is both MySql and glibc appear to have interesting times ahead. Perhaps lessons can be learnt from these and previous projects that have suffered similar fates.

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