5 May 2009

Qt Creator Fake Vim

As seems to be fashionable latley I have been playing with Qt Creator (1.1).

As an IDE it comes very close to what I would want from an IDE. It's blazingly fast, it does not chew up ram like it's free candy and it does seemed to be designed to aid you in RAD type development. This is a refreshing change for someone that spends considerable time in Visual Studio 2008!

However, no matter how I try I seem to not be getting on with fake vim mode. This is a great shame as it is one thing I have always wanted in Visual Studio and (obviously) never managed. Perhaps it is me or is anyone else having issues?


Tarun Elankath said... problems using fakevim with QT creator 1.1.

Qt Creator just totally rocks.

The only thing is that I need to sit and create a new set of control keybindinds with fakevim enabled...

TheGreatGonzo said...

Cool.... it has to be said that since I posted this I have been playing even more with Qt Creator and I think I have resolved a lot of my problems.

I have also installed Viemu for VS 2008 so I do in fact have (at last) VI mode for Visual Studio