27 November 2008

KDE 4.2 And Debian.

I am a little behind on my reading as work is crazy at the moment. However, I do try and keep on top of Planet KDE. Reading while munching my sandwich today I read Ana's blog that basically say's that KDE 4.2 will not be loaded to Debian experimental and that the current (__excellent__) KDE 4 backports available for Lenny from will only maintain updates for the KDE 4.1 serise.

Now I have an issue. After a long time using Sidux and a (very) short time using Kubuntu I was really enjoying using Debian. I respected the work that the Debian KDE packagers made in creating the backports for Lenny. However, I'm getting a bit disappointed now.

I realise that Debian is a great project and I respect their opinions and guiding rules. However, the delay in shipping Lenny is getting ridiculous now. It wasn't really bothering me prior to today but now it seems that it is preventing KDe 4.2 getting into experimental.

What has also annoyed me is that restricting the KDE4 backports to following the KDE 4.1 release's means that until KDE 4 makes it into Debian testing the most stable KDE 4 Debian will support is KDE 4.1. I mean there will only probably be 2 support release's to KDE 4.1 and how long will it take to get KDE 4 to Debian testing? That leaves a big gap which not all Debian users will be happy with.

Me for one

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