12 November 2008

Konqueror & Dolphin Interesting Poll.

This is a rant about Dolphin and it's development as the default file manager within the KDE4 desktop.

I actually have mixed views on the subject because although I agree with the author of the above that Konqueror is an excellent file manager I can also see the argument for a separate file manager, i.e. Dolphin.

The trouble is that although I like Dolphin I have been having some performance issue's. Now this could be down to the Debian Lenny Backport packages or it could be down to the point that the author of the above has missed. Dolphin is a new application. It has only had 10 months of real world usage and still has a lot of development to go to improve things like stability and performance.

The interesting thing at the end of the above article is that they have a poll of what should be used for web browsing and file management. The outright winner is Firefox for browsing and Konqueror for file management.

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